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In The Highlands

It takes my breath
And it makes me calm
When I see the clouds
Forming rain and storm

A man is gone
And a babe is born
A rising sun
Keeps it clear and warm

Soon the sun goes down
And I'm givin'
Life's worth livin'
Like a deep star
There's no answer

Today, picture today
Today, picture today

Oh, what I'm takin'
Or someone's breakin' two
What a world is this
I'm raging
The times are changing

Oh, angels waitin'
And celebrating you
What a whirl is this
I'm changing

Someday you're lonely
Some ways you only feel
Some had died before
Some livin'

In the Highlands

I watch the children laughing
Singing hand in hand
They're singing a well-known song

The holy cross is diving
Through an unknown world
Into something wrong

Nature's face is changing
Something's surely wrong
Something's surely gone

Heaven's surely gone
Come back you belong
In our empty hearts

Soon we're growing older
Smashed in dirty cabs
Gone to distant lands

Just like in october
Leaves fall from the trees
Love can do no wrong

Written down in fables
Life will never die
Death will turn to lie

I don't live forever
Sometimes I will cry
Live your life today, yeah!

Today, picture today
Today, picture today

Lutz Hincha & In The Highlands
(ca. 1993)

Performed By
In The Highlands
(Jan Voss (Rose), Arne Bruns, Tom Steffensen, Timo Siedler, Lutz Hincha)

Vocals, Guitar
Lutz Hincha

Vocals, Guitar
Timo Siedler

Tom Steffensen

Arne Bruns

Jan Voss (Rose)

© LUDWIGmusic